How Does Red

& Infrared

Light Therapy Work?

What is PhotoBioModulation (PBM)?

Photobiomodulation (more simply Red and Near InfraRed Light Therapy) is a non-invasive therapy that delivers coherent natural light, of specific frequencies, to your mitochondria — the Life Force Energy Generators in all your cells.

Kaiyan produces unique devices to deliver a consistent, coherent, predictable dosage of that proven PBM therapeutic effect to your WHOLE body from head to toe; in short, repeatable, and relaxing sessions. This transcends fighting disease and degeneration, elevating true anti-aging into intentionally seeking health and active rejuvenation while optimizing human bioenergetics intelligently.

Clinical research spanning well over 40 years has shown that Red/NIR light therapy enhances cellular aerobic respiration and resilience, physiologically activates all human/animal tissue functionality, and modulates Bio-Signalling while reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

How Does Red/NIR Light Therapy Work?

Specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light naturally power your cells. Now let’s discuss some of the natural Quantum Biology and Biophotonics involved in how wavelengths/frequencies of red and near-infrared light lead to these positive biological effects in your body.

All living things need to make ATP cellular energy to function, survive & thrive. Nearly all living things rely on natural light to power this process in our cells every day. Red and near-infrared wavelengths of natural light stimulate the mitochondria in your cells, the powerhouses responsible for taking light, oxygen, and the food we eat, to transform it into usable energy for our body's process of cellular respiration creating ATP.

In addition to making more ATP, with ease and better energy flow — leading to higher performance and lasting vitality of all cells/tissues — here are some of the other basic principles of Red/NIR light therapy:

1) Improving Aerobic Respiration in mitochondria (vs. anaerobic fermentation to make energy in dysfunctional mitochondria) is fundamental in reducing ROS production (Reactive Oxygen Species) and other free radicals in mitochondria.

2) Improved Circulation: Studies have clearly identified a marked increase in circulation following Red/NIR light therapy. This is mainly due to NO (Nitric Oxide) release from mitochondria (where it is a free radical) into the smooth muscles in vascular walls.

3) NO causes vasodilation, thereby increasing blood flow while reducing vascular resistance. This effect leads to lowering blood pressure with higher blood perfusion in all tissues, from the brain to bowels and bones. Tissues and cells now receive more oxygen and other nutrients important for healing — while also ridding themselves of toxic byproducts.

4) Improved Electron flow in the ETC (Electron Transport Chain) in the Mitochondria through Cytochrome C Oxidase activation by Red/NIR Light means proper ATP efficient respiration is flowing correctly, ensures signaling to the Cellular DNA is flowing correctly, and that proper cell division vs. apoptosis (programmed cell death) are physiologically modulated to avoid degeneration, inflammation, and mutation.

Wellbeing, Fitness and Performance Recovery

The increased ATP energy production from Red/NIR light therapy helps your body function more efficiently, with increased vitality and better circulation. This leads to a wide range of physical performance improvements, as shown in hundreds of peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled clinical trials.

Will I Benefit from Long Term PhotoBioModulation?

Yes, every human at every period in their life will benefit. One of the most studied and scientifically proven outcomes of Red/NIR Therapy is enhancing resilience, fitness, and training results.

It improves athletic performance and speeds up muscle & heart recovery (measurable with HRV monitors). Backing up the science are the testimonies of elite pro athletes and world-class trainers who use Kaiyan’s products. Whole-body Red/NIR Light therapy performs at the highest levels; by improving blood flow, oxygen metabolism (aerobic respiration), reducing recovery time, and increasing resilience to injury.

Athletes and trainers use Red/NIR light therapy to perform better because these specific wavelengths of light, repeated at the correct dosage, show great results for increasing energy, vitality, strength, speed, and endurance when used before or after exercise.

It is extensively used in the sports, training, and physical therapy world for muscle/tendon/nerve/bone recovery because Red/NIR light therapy has a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Repeated studies show significantly faster healing and recovery times, and experience from World Champions across all fields continues to validate that.

Wellness, Pain and Inflammation Relief

Red/NIR light therapy helps to supercharge your cells with the natural photonic energy they need to make more core ATP (adenosine triphosphate); The Energy molecules. With more cellular energy, your body can perform more efficiently and recover from strain and injury faster.

Brain, Heart, and Muscle cells require far more ATP energy than other body parts because of the intense demands placed on them. Humans actually recycle their own body weight equivalent in ATP every single day. The more effortlessly your body can produce ATP, the more fuel you give your organ cells, muscles, and neurons to perform properly and repeatedly recover from strain.

Red/NIR light therapy also produces a natural anti-inflammatory effect and has been shown to increase blood circulation & Stem cell flow to damaged tissues for faster recovery and healing results.

Red/NIR light therapy has also shown obvious positive clinical results for muscle and bone recovery. This may be attributed to a collagen boost, improved oxygenation, and even native STEM Cell activation and release, as many trials have demonstrated.

Alertness, Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

If you’ve had trouble sleeping, you might have heard about melatonin, the natural hormone your body makes to regulate sleep and wakefulness.

Exposure to artificial white light and blue light after dark inhibits the body’s ability to release melatonin, increasing the time it takes you to fall asleep and preventing you from staying asleep. If you use a high-quality Red/NIR light therapy device during the day, it’s been clinically shown to increase your natural melatonin output, which helps you get to sleep and stay asleep in a restful state.

Kaiyan Medical

Kaiyan Medical is one of the largest producers and manufacturing companies of LLLT and LED therapy products and devices in the world. To this day, we are continuing to grow, innovate and produce uncompromisiong quality products. This, while keeping our humble beginnings and family business mindset close very to heart.

The Evolution of a Dream

Our Project Management Process


Our facility is located in the heart of Shenzhen, China. Recently a bunch of glowing articles about Shenzhen appeared in the Western press. They tend to focus on the long list of tech companies headquartered in Shenzhen. The city is considered to be the electronics capital of the world much like the Silicon Valley for hardware. It is a purpose-built city that caters to electronics and it is where we have made our home for over 10 years.


Quality Control

We are committed to quality and we are continuously improving our manufactured products and facility. Kaiyan enforces quality control to ensure the best possible service or product is delivered to the client or consumer. We take our European philosophy very seriously at Kaiyan, both in working style and development such as investing heavily in R&D and in the expansion of our facility.

Our factory is FDA registered and complies with ISO medical standards that are essential for the FDA 510(K) medical devices we manufacture for our clients worldwide.


Our Brands


Aduro Mask

Aduro Skincare is established in 2006 and is specialized in the production of LED beauty related products with a medical license.

All products are proven clinically and offer many therapeutic skincare treatments that are safe, non-invasive and chemical-free.


Perfect Contour

Perfect Contour is our line for permanent make-up machines. For our permanent makeup machines, we set out to make an impact, especially when it came to designing. All permanent makeup machines were designed to be marketed as clinical devices, though permanent make-up is something we saw as an art-form rather than a medical procedure.



The FDA cleared DemarkQ products use a combined treatment of red and blue LED light to target acne and its residual scarring. As topical skincare products often do not get rid of acne completely. LED light uses the bodies natural healing processes to heal from the inside out.

Hair Growth


Akstra consists of a range of products for hair lasers designed for hair regrowth and hair rejuvenation, ranging from home use models to professional use models. Akstra’s first line of hair lasers was designed for a clinical environment, so we took the approach of making something very medical looking.

Teeth Whitening

Golden Eagles

When it comes to teeth whitening, we know exactly what we’re doing. We’ve been developing teeth whitening lights at the dawn of teeth whitening, especially at the forefront of beauty salon whitening. We have over 20 different OEM models for professional whitening, along with a medley of devices for home units and whitening toothbrushes.


Tutu Light

Light is central to our internal biology and patterns. Our circadian rhythms are built around the sun and the earth’s rotation cycle. As the length of daylight changes throughout the year, our circadian rhythms adjust as well. Tutu light is designed to help you sleep better with the power of red light therapy.



LED technology for the treatment of pain relief, while making a product which was easy to use and practical for treating areas affected by pain.We started by implementing the technology into a pad, that could be easily secured by Velcro traps throughout a treatment. We decided to use Neoprene most commonly used in wetsuits while adding a textile back part for the velcro straps.

Muscle Recovery


As humans, we are made of energy and fueled by light. While nutrition and exercise play a role in our well-being and health, light plays a crucial role in us functioning optimally. With Lumaflex you can recharge your body. Get in shape and build muscles faster. A fully flexible and portable red light therapy treatment within 10 minutes.


EMDR Virtual Light Bar

Online EMDR tools for therapists & patients Innovative and flexible EMDR tools for visual and auditory bilateral stimulation, with secure compliant video conferencing over Zoom app.

Kaiyan Medical

Company Snapshot

Country / Region:

China - Netherlands - India

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Business Type:

Exporter, Manufacturer.

Past Export Markets:

Asia, Australasia, Eastern Europe, Mid East/Africa, North America, Western Europe