Why use Light Therapy?

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By now, you've probably heard about light therapy but are wondering why anyone would use light therapy? What's its purpose? With an endless amount of health and wellness therapies available, why does light therapy stand out among the rest?

Well, the answer is: light therapy uses the power of light. But we're going to go into more depth and talk about what light therapy is, the science behind it, and why you should use it.

Everyone needs natural light

Light is the foundation of our being. It's an essential element. We need light to function optimally - it's as important as water, food, and sleep. Our bodies are built to absorb natural sunlight, yet our modern lifestyles have us spending more time away from natural light (that's right - the average American spends 90% of their day indoors).

Instead of natural light, we surround ourselves with blue light from our screens and white overhead lighting, negatively impacting our quality of sleep and overall well-being.

While we need natural light, we don't know how to obtain it while still living our modern lifestyle. However, light therapy can provide you with the natural light you need.

The power of light

So how can you add more natural light into your day without making drastic changes to your lifestyle? This is where light therapy comes in. Light therapy can help you add more natural light into your life, whether you're at home or the office.

An at-home red light therapy device sends red and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths, penetrating through your skin, directly into your cells. Your body's cells are stimulated, and your ATP production increases, allowing damaged cells to heal and new cells to be created at a quicker pace than normal. Thus, your body is rejuvenated and essentially "fed" the light it needs to function optimally.

While we're telling you the power of light therapy, science and peer-reviewed clinical research show wide support for light therapy. NASA studied light therapy in the 80s and 90s, researchers conducting thousands of trials and studies. They concluded that light therapy was safe and effective for a wide range of uses.

Why use light therapy?

You know that light therapy is beneficial to the human body, but what can it really do?

Relieve inflammation and pain: light therapy aids in helping your body reduce inflammation after an illness or injury.

Boost recovery and performance: popular among professional athletes, light therapy is used to boost recovery, improve performance, and aid recovery. Light therapy helps with circulation, inflammation, and muscle repair.

Enhance ATP production and cellular function: light therapy improves cellular health by stimulating ATP energy production. When your cells work efficiently, you not only look better, but you feel better.

Increase quality of sleep: natural light is a crucial component of sleep. Natural light helps sync the circadian rhythm - our biological clock. While blue light disrupts our cycle, natural light helps the brain interpret the sleep/wake cycle.

Improve blood flow: light therapy increases blood circulation because your body’s tissue receives more oxygen to support the healing process. In addition, light therapy helps remove toxins from the circulatory system.

Skin and beauty: light therapy works from the inside out, thus having a powerful effect on skin health. By increasing energy production, oxidative stress is reduced in the body. Thus, your cells are balanced, allowing your skin to heal and shine.

Luckily, Kaiyan Medical produces MDSAP-certified and FDA-approved light therapy products and devices for your own at-home treatment or even for your patients. We've worked hard to provide solutions for both patients and healthcare practitioners, catering to various needs. Whether you're looking to private label your own light therapy devices or for home use, contact our team, as we would love to help you through your light therapy journey.